Credit Rating Advisory

Now more than ever, credit rating plays a crucial for the growth of a company!

Credit analysis is an evaluation of the ability of a company to honor its financial obligations. A good rating entails higher credibility in the finance world and results in a lower rate of interest. Our team has vast understanding over a wide variety of financial analysis techniques and in-depth understanding of qualitative and quantitative factors from a credit rating perspective. With the depth of understanding of the rating process backed by domain expertise, we offer our clients solutions to help prepare for the rating assessments

Insolvency Advisory

Through thick our thin we stand by our client, and let our work pave our way to success.

Shreerath offers accomplished and proficient Insolvency professionals whose expert knowledge of formal insolvency and other enforcement procedures provide leading contingency planning and insolvency advice. Also, our insolvency services are supported by tax, valuation, transaction structuring, forensic accounting, real estate and strategic communications professionals. We take a commercial, solutions-based approach focusing on the critical issues. Be it due diligence on bidders, asset tracing, liquidation and support, or compliance and insolvency resolution plan, we are with you every step of the way. Our resilience and hard work matched with your ambition and dedication is the perfect combination to resolve the issue.

Loan Restructuring

We ensure that losses you previously encountered are just a detour and not the end of your journey.

We ensure that these losses are nothing but small hurdles to your path of success by providing comprehensive loan restructuring services and advice to under-performing and financially stressed businesses. Be it tenure extension or lower interest rate, we do everything it takes to help reduce financial burdens. When confronted with our clients’ emergent circumstances, we swiftly and efficiently assess our client’s source of financial distress and work to implement creative and innovative restructuring options through consensual loan restructurings and financial recapitalization.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

We make sure the future of your company and the enhancement of shareholder value is in the right hands.

From a company’s perspective a merger or acquisition usually brings an opportunity for faster growth, access to capital, brand and market while from the view point of established enterprises the need to enhance skill sets and expand into new areas act as primary motivators for an M&A transaction. As a result of our extensive network and deep relationships across industries & our ability to identify and engage with the correct parties enables us to successfully complete transactions.

Balance Transfer

Who doesn’t wish to save money with lower rate of interest?

Wish to switch to a better rate but unsure if you are eligible or if it’s worth the hassle? At Shreerath we guarantee you a quick and hassle-free transition. Loan balance transfer is a process by which a borrower transfers an outstanding principal of a personal loan from one lender to another in order to benefit from better terms such as a lower interest rate on the outstanding loan. Many NBFCs (non-banking financial companies) and banks now provide the option of a balance transfer on personal loans. However, one needs to carefully evaluate the balance transfer offer and choose the one that helps reduce the cost of borrowing