Our Front-Line 

Marketing TEAM

Sannidhi Shetty

AVP - Business Development

Our calm yet charismatic BE MBA in Finance; Sannidhi Shetty handles the entire network of Builder Channel and Customer Acquisition,. Her focus and dedication has always benefitted our client. From being a team player to building strategies she does it all with ease.

Rini Shetty

Head of Insurance

Knowledgeable emerging marketing professional who is result driven, self-motivated; Rini Shetty is an Honor's student with an MBA degree with a concentration in Marketing from Texas USA. She has a strong background in the field of marketing & customer relationship management. 

Suchitha Shetty

Head of Processing 

Our MBA in Finance, Suchitha Shetty heads the processing team and ensures we work as a well oiled machine in collaboration with the numerous financial houses associated with us. Extremely organized and detailed oriented, Sucheta Shetty has witnessed a linear career graph, exceeding all expectations set for her time and time again.